We're in the business of increasing YOUR business!

We can get more customers through your door and we can make sure they keep coming back!

Our marketing concept is unbeatable…

We develop successful customer loyalty programs that benefit both our partner business AND its customers!

The concept is simple and effective; everyone comes up smiling. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we definitely know what we're talking about.

First, our experts evaluate your business and determine any under-utilised resources you may have that could be put to use to generate new business.

Next, we develop a program that will offer your new customers more value and more savings - but because you are using your existing staff and resources, it won't cost you a cent! And we guarantee it works! Jamie Tyrell of Bridgestone Tyres said our marketing concept represented 70% of their new customers. Now that's a pretty good recommendation!

So not only do you now have a constant stream of new customers, but our program ensures they are receiving high-quality, great value products and services - and we all know a satisfied customer is one that keeps coming back. Not only that, but these happy customers broadcast their satisfaction far and wide to their friends and family. Anyone in business knows just how powerful and effective word-of-mouth advertising is!

At Hannah Direct, our highly trained sales representatives ensure the program is accurately targeted to maximise your potential customer base. We don't want to waste our own time and we certainly don't want to waste yours! We only target the people you want, and we make sure they are eager to walk through your door to test out your products and services - and our programs ensure they are 100% satisfied with what they receive.

Our program is also a great way to launch new products and services - maximising results and customer awareness with minimal outlay on your own part.

In a nutshell, at Hannah Direct, we can offer our partner businesses:

  • increased brand awareness
  • hundreds, often thousands of new customers
  • instant profitable sales growth
  • cost effectiveness (you will be using your existing staff and resources)
  • long-term customer loyalty
  • ability to effectively launch new products
  • dedicated business development team providing quality service and results you can see.
  • experienced and skilled sales representatives to market your program to your new customers

According to Ion Moir, Area Manager for ABS Auto QLD,
“Hannah Direct has an excellent marketing concept. At ABS Auto, we only work with professional companies that provide professional results. The sales campaigns have been good for our QLD business. The program provides a relatively risk-free introduction to our stores and this gives us an opportunity to access quality customers….."

So if you want more customers walking through your door, and you think your business may be right for Hannah Direct, drop us a line - we'd love to talk!

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